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Garrosh guild Kill picture!

Posted February 13th, 2014, 10:15 pm by Leii Comments: 1
Better late than never i suppose...

The magical kill!!!!

With the mounts of destiny!

Well done everyone who got the kills with us! :D


Warlords of Draynor Closed Beta.

Posted January 18th, 2014, 12:43 pm by Leii Comments: 2
Ahoy Guys!
Just a little heads up for all of you wanting to raid or be ready for the next expantion, Warlords Closed Beta is going to be opened quite soon (within a month or so).

Because of this i want to urge every member of the raid team as well as every member of the guild to opt-in to the beta to test out the new leveling, the class updates and the encounters so we are ready for Warlords of Draynor. To do this go onto go to your account then on the left hand side there is a link named "Beta Proffile Settings" ( ... ofile.html).

Wanna change class?
if you are looking for a class change or a role change, now is the time to do it! get yourself onto the flow of leveling, and how to do your class! but if your a member of the raid already please let myself or your relevant officer know!


The Building of the 25 man.

Posted September 22nd, 2013, 4:44 pm by Leii Comments: 0
As many of you are aware we are currently in the process of building the current teams Red and Purple into a 25 man raiding team. This trasnition as you should be aware has been very long in the making and very difficult for everyone who has been part of the planning and helping stages.

We are very close to our goal of 25 man team and require all members to continue improving their character's to ensure we have the highest quality in our raid team.

25 man raiding is alot more dificult on positioning and planning so as such every raider CANNOT treat it as an LFR, you will be expected to treat the raid just as you would in the ten man with the highest respect and focus, Because of the vast number of players joining us positioning and raid awareness is paramount, and therefore i request every single raider to be the best they can be while in the raids, Keep Teamspeak quiet during pulls unless its for the actual encounter and to remain respectful of all players despite difficulties.

I would also like to say that currently we have alot of skilled and well versed players and i expect alot of you know this allready but i would like for those who are new (and even some of the older members) to take what i have said on board and be sure that they bring their "A" game to the raids!

We will kick ass,

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